Client Testimonials

"Kuba has been my coach now for 2 years I started in November 2018. I moved to Kuba because I loved his work ethic in the gym I also saw his partner Megan who had just won her pro card in Alicante I loved the shape she was in and knew that Kuba had coached her so I inquired about coaching. Before I was with Kuba I was eating very little food, also physically wasn’t well as I was suffering from epileptic seizures daily. As soon as I started with him he made me feel very comfortable and explained the process that he wanted me to do. Within the year I had won my IFBB pro card also taking 3 wins and an overall placing twice in the 2bros events. I found his work ethic and knowledge like nothing I have ever seen before. He has helped me grow as an athlete and as a person. He not only helps you with diet, training, posing but also life stresses and business advice. I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. My aspect on life has changed, I now don’t have epileptic seizures because of the structure and stability of sticking to a plan."

Jade Kelsie

"I chose Kuba as a coach after following his progress as a bodybuilder and coach for almost 2 years after he won the junior universe. I was on the lookout for a coach but didn’t want to dive in too quickly. So I did what anyone would do and I looked around. #teamkuba though, seemed to be going from strength to strength, and the more I saw, the more I wanted to be a part of it. So I sent the man a message! Kuba was very friendly and professional from the word go. Kuba is not only a coach to me now, but a friend too. He helps with all aspects of life, not just training and diet. That’s a trait I admire! He is never too busy for me when I have questions (which is ALL the time) and has the patience of a saint even when he has to tell me the same thing 13 times. Constant contact with your coach is amazing when you like to be as meticulous as I do and even on show day when my emotions were high and all I needed was constant instructions he was there to keep me level-headed and check me in every hour or so. All whilst competing himself on the same day. Literally cannot fault the service of this young man and I am grateful to have his skills and knowledge at my disposal. He puts all his clients at 110% and all he asks in return is commitment and adherence from you too. Give it back and you have the potential to be the best you’ve ever been. Its a honor to be a part of this journey ????????"

Ryan Gabbalone

"I’d worked at Sheffield Hallam University over the last 15 years as Senior Fitness Instructor and dabbled in things such as running marathons and cycling for British Cycling. At the age of 38, I decided to compete in bodybuilding and didn’t have a bad first year at all, placing 3rd and 2nd. However, I wanted more. I knew with the right guidance I could do more. I wanted someone to be honest with me and realistic with what I could achieve given my age. I sought out Kuba and the first thing he did was got me healthy. He then (and still is) took the time to get me in and take me back to the drawing board. Form. Precision. Intensity. Accuracy. Every day! After about 2 months I realised I’d spent the best part of 10 years ego lifting and chasing the pump. Despite my position at the university, I was truly being schooled! But coaching isn’t all. Kuba has changed my outlook on business and structure. He literally pushed me into leaving the safety net of the Uni and become self-employed. He believed in me and my worth. Even at times when I doubted myself, he never did. He has massively helped me with structuring my days, food, sleep schedule, exercise, and rest, making sure that training remains THE priority. I walked into Ultraflex looking for a training coach and came out with a life coach, business mentor, and friend. Oh, and he made me discover my minerals ???? ????."

Nathan Brumley

"Me and Kuba have worked together now for a good couple of years, and he is a lot more than just a coach, he is a friend and a mentor, he is there for you for you no matter what it is, bodybuilding or non bodybuilding related he is there for you. I have worked with a number of coaches in the past who I was never truly happy with and when I began working with Kuba I knew straight away it was the right decision, his knowledge is on another level, and I have learnt so much from working together and it has helped me a lot with my own clients. If your are prepping he knows exactly how you feel and will tell you what you need to be told, he will always drive the best out of you, sometimes it might not be what you want to hear but it’s the truth and it gives you a reality check that you need and drives you to be the best you can Be. He has helped me so much with my physique but not just that but also applying his methods to everyday life has helped me so much and changed my entire mindset. Kuba is the real deal. Big love bro ????????"